When She's Feeling Blue - Mandolin Orange

from the album Tides Of A Teardrop (2019)

Mandolin Orange is an Americana folk duo whose music connects with me at a deeper level than nearly any other musical act of this decade.  Their 2013 song, Waltz About Whiskey, is one of the most touching songs I have ever heard.  Once, watching them perform it live at Eddie's Attic in Decatur, Georgia, I left the room in tears.  Not many songs can have that effect on me.

On their latest record, my favorite song is When She's Feeling Blue, a sad tale of a man's lingering affection for a lover who - despite having moved on - returns to his arms when times get tough.

She only holds me in her arms when she's feeling blue
My baby only holds me in her arms when she's feeling blue

There is a dark beauty in the spaces of this song.  In these spaces, the heart easily weeps, particularly for those who mourn past lovers.

Love is a very complex and nuanced thing.  When we write about it in bubble gum fashion, rhyming it with above, we do it an injustice.  This song speaks to how an ill-fated love can still long endure.

She calls me up and tells me, "Honey, I need you"
And I come a-runnin', like I always do

If you've ever been that guy, rambling with her 'neath that neon moon, this song will touch your heart.  I dig that.

Click Here to watch Mandolin Orange performing When She's Feeling Blue live in Asheville, North Carolina three nights ago.

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