Can't Help The Way I Feel - Lily & Madeleine

from the album Canterbury Girls (2019)

Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz are sisters who began their recording career in 2012, while still in high school.  Four albums later, they are purveyors of a dreamy brand of music that sits at the intersection of folk and retro pop.

Can't Help The Way That I Feel is a highly-glossed song that sits on the retro pop end of their musical spectrum.  Buoyed by a magnificently recorded and played drum track, this song takes the listener back fifty-plus years, to a time when girl groups in sequined dresses performed in broadcast studios that delivered signals in living black and white.

I really dig the bass line and the percussive impact of the subtle piano track.  The synthesizer track is also notable in how it envelopes the soundscape.

But the real stars of this show are Lily & Madeleine.  Their voices ring pitch-perfect and true.  They also a sultry and dreamy, detached sheen that I often associate with certain Bananarama songs.

It is hard not to groove along with this one.

Click Here to listen to Can't Help The Way I Feel by Lily & Madeleine.