Judgement Train - Rustin Man

from the album Drift Code (2019)

When you die, which is it: heaven or hell?

Chances are that, if you play along, you will chose heaven.  It is a lot like picking Palm Springs over East Saint Louis; and, after all, although there were times that you were bad, were you really eternal damnation bad?

Judgement Train is a song about a man boarding the final train ride, his fate awaiting at the other end.  The ride is pretty groovy, with psychedelic stylings over a hippie beat.  The protagonist is fairly certain that heaven awaits, singing:

I'm on the next judgement train
Let me raise the pearly gates

But, ultimately, it is not meant to be:

The tunnel has turned the air so black
Can't believe what I have done
Never lie to the darker side
When the girl takes my hand
I feel her skin is a lot like mine

I dig this song for its story-telling and for its rich visual imagery.  I also dig the groove.  How fun would it be to play with this band?

I also dig the backstory on the artist.  Rustin Man is Paul Webb, who - once upon a time - was the bass player for Talk Talk.  It is the first music he has released this millennium.  He hasn't lost a beat.

Click Here to watch the official video for Judgement Day by Rustin Man.