Judgement Train - Rustin Man

from the album Drift Code (2019)

When you die, which is it: heaven or hell?

Chances are that, if you play along, you will chose heaven.  It is a lot like picking Palm Springs over East Saint Louis; and, after all, although there were times that you were bad, were you really eternal damnation bad?

Judgement Train is a song about a man boarding the final train ride, his fate awaiting at the other end.  The ride is pretty groovy, with psychedelic stylings over a hippie beat.  The protagonist is fairly certain that heaven awaits, singing:

I'm on the next judgement train
Let me raise the pearly gates

But, ultimately, it is not meant to be:

The tunnel has turned the air so black
Can't believe what I have done
Never lie to the darker side
When the girl takes my hand
I feel her skin is a lot like mine

I dig this song for its story-telling and for its rich visual imagery.  I also dig the groove.  How fun would it be to play with this band?

I also dig the backstory on the artist.  Rustin Man is Paul Webb, who - once upon a time - was the bass player for Talk Talk.  It is the first music he has released this millennium.  He hasn't lost a beat.

Click Here to watch the official video for Judgement Day by Rustin Man.


  1. The posts from the 40 Watt Gigolo are always the most poignant and yet playfully pity at the same time. The supporting insights and prose from the 40 Watt Gigolo rise to the occasion for songs that have a voice; 40 Watt gives them amplification that scream within your mind!

    The interpretations, and waxing on the themes across the many musical categories is a wonderful reading and listening experience - tell all about it!



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