Red Bull & Hennessy - Jenny Lewis

from the album On The Line (2019)

Although winter is not yet through, and a bit of ice and snow may still await those in the southern states, early signs of spring - like daffodil and forcenthia blooms - are accompanying warm days and rainy nights.

These are times for rolling down the windows, cranking up the stereo, and singing along like as though nobody else can hear you (except at red lights, ugh).

Jenny Lewis' first new single in years - Red Bull & Hennessy - is perfect for times like this.  The tempo is driving, though not too much so, encouraging you to put a little more weight on the gas pedal.  The way the bass and kick drum fuel the groove with a boom, boom-boom, boom, boom-boom, adds to the song's feeling the of freedom.  And, most importantly, Jenny Lewis' full-throated singing about drinking booze and hooking up forces the listener to sing along:

I'm wired on Red Bull and Hennessy
Higher than you
I'm on fire, c'mon and get next to me
I wanna ride with you

You and your band are riding with me, Jenny.  Thanks for a great song for spring.

Click Here to listen to Red Bull & Hennessy by Jenny Lewis.