Running - Helado Negro

from the album This Is How You Smile (2019)

There is a reason why your yoga instructor never plays Rage Against The Machine during her classes.  It is the same reason why her candles don't smell like diesel fuel.  She is creating a sensory experience designed to enhance your lesson.

I dig it when songwriters craft their compositions to transport the listener into a desired state.  In the case of the song Running, by Helado Negro, we are treated to a lush dreamscape that allows the listener to escape the tension and trappings of their world to relax and feel a floating freedom.

It is fascinating how this atmosphere is constructed.  The tempo is slow, creating space.  The chord progressions are circular, creating an infinite loop with no beginning and no end.  The beat is simple and steady, allowing the hi-hat and snare to give the effect of a ticking clock.  The vocals are delivered softly, with light echo and reverb adding to the song's sedative vibe.

My favorite part of the composition is the relationship between the piano and the bass guitar.  The piano plays ascending three-note patterns with a light staccato. The bass offers the counterpoint with long-ringing whole notes.  The attention given to the complimentary tones of these two instruments is masterful.  Their dance is almost hypnotic.

This is a beautiful song.

Click Here to watch the official video for Running by Helado Negro.