Slowly Speeding - Kim Lenz

from the album Slowly Speeding (2019)

There is something in tones of rockabilly-noir that resonates in a dark corner of the spirit that other sounds never quite seem to reach.

On the title track from her latest album, Slowly Speeding, Kim Lenz turn the tempo down and the reverb up to create a slow-burning, Texas waltz that is timeless.

On first listen, this song is stunning in its soundscape of vintage tones slowly ringing over a warm analog hum.  The sounds are incredible.

However, on further listens, the senses overload on how perfectly executed the subtleties of the recording are delivered.  The strum of the acoustic guitar.  The way the two-part harmonies melt into each other.  The magnificently captured drum track.

I find that this song is best listened to late in the evening with a cocktail by my side.  When I close my eyes, I see cigarette smoke rising through the purple, neon-lit light.  It is a night ripe with temptation. Slow dancing with a sultry seductress.  The touch of her lips.

How could a dream feel this real?

Click Here to watch the official video for Slowly Speeding by Kim Lenz.


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